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B'Jazz Burghausen, postponement 2021

March 21, 2020

Following the health crisis linked to the coronavirus, our concert at the B'Jazz in Burghausen, one of the biggest Jazz festivals in Europe, will be postponed to March 21, 2021.

JazzMigration, it's over

December 20, 2019

 A last concert with our sponsor, the Arrosoir in Chalon-sur-Saône, after 1 year of training and 1 year of touring and we are on the Jazz road again. To the whole JazzMigration and AJC team who supported and trusted us during these two incredible years: THANK YOU!

Chroniques, release concert

November 15, 2018

Come and celebrate the release of our latest album "Chroniques" on November 15, 2018 at Studio de l'Ermitage in Paris. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. with the opening act of Adrien Sanchez's solo on saxophone and electronic.


Melusine "Chroniques" @ Saison D'Jazz

Luzy / France

Melusine "Chroniques" @ B'Jazz

Burghausen / Germany




Label Babil - 2018


Trough Chroniques, the quintet Melusine invites you to follow its music in the labyrinth of its wordless stories, musical tales which open to all the possible worlds. It's a book made of all the in between the lines; it's a musical adventure where your imagination is the hero and through which you can reveal landscapes and characters.

Label Babil - 2017


It all starts with a fugue, this complex exercise in baroque music whose name in french also evokes a run away - and this is exactly how the album will continue to unfold, through solos of rock guitar, gliding accordion flights or the underground rumbles of a saturated euphonium [...] The quintet Melusine thus intrigues and keeps you in suspense throughout this singular and successful first album.

- Teaser -


- Chapter 3 -

- Chapter 4 -

Chroniques - Live @ la dynamo

production: Josselin carré - 2019

Chroniques - Teasers album 

production: Simon Tailleu - 2018

Melusine - 1st album 

production: Anthony Caillet - 2016

- Prologue -

- Teaser -

- 30 seconds! -

- Waow! -

- Chapter 1 -

Melusine, a jazz band that narrates wordless stories.


Imperturbable in its ethereal ballads as in its long resistant rises, in its small pointillist fugues as in its electric assaults, the music of Melusine, quintet formed in 2014, runs through many changing atmospheres. Here they bet on the exigency of defying the harmonic tables as well as on the originality of the line-up. Accordion and euphonium facing the guitar/doublebass/drums trilogy. So many possibilities to harness the tensions among repertoires and to see rock music, free improvisation and classical heritage battle each other.

christophe girard: accordion
anthony caillet: euphonium
william rollin: guitar
simon tailleu: doublebass
stan delannoy: drums/ percussions

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